FIFA 18 news: What we know so far

FIFA 18 was announced at E3 during EA Play. Much has changed and for the better. Cristiano Ronaldo is the new cover of FIFA 18 and his moves were captured for greater fidelity. Still talking about Ronaldos, Ronaldo Nazário, former Brazilian and Real Madrid player, will be in FUT Icons, a new name for FUT Legends and will be available on all platforms. In addition, FIFA 18 will bring new features, such as real game styles, real movements of key players and especially regionalization, with engaging and reliable game atmospheres. The journey has not been forgotten and Alex Hunter will have a difficult choice to make this season.

Ronaldo or Ronaldos?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the new cover of FIFA 18. EA's partnership with the Portuguese superstar has been speculated since FIFA 16, when the partnership with Messi came to an end. Finally this partnership has become reality and Cristiano Ronaldo will be the new cover.

Also, Cristiano Ronaldo will boost the new feature of FIFA 18, Real Player Motion, with precise data of movement, touches, finalization and personalities of the world's leading players.

FUT Icons

In the new FIFA version, the FUT Legends, which in the last editions was exclusive to XBox, is now called FUT Icons and will be available for all platforms of the current generation. That's right, the FUT Icons will be available for PC, XBox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Older generations will not have FUT Icons.


To publicize the FUT Icons, EA chose Ronaldo Nazario as the first Icon of the game. FIFA 18 will also have an exclusive edition with Ronaldo Nazário on the cover and a lot of benefits!

Ronaldo Nazário Icon Edition

Still, other players will be part of the FUT Icons. Besides Ronaldo, they are already confirmed: Pelé, Maradona, Liev Yashin and Thierry Henry.

FUT Icons


The main features of FIFA 18 have already been released and, although they do not show a great visual change, they will make a difference in-game.

Immersive Atmospheres

The lighting, lack of dynamic climate and little authenticity on the pitch have always been a cause for complaint from FIFA players. In FIFA 18, everything will be fixed! Daytime lighting will be simulated with better quality, changes in weather and daylight hours and the quality of the pitch will be impacting in the game.

In addition, the stadiums decoration will be more complete: banners, flags, confetti, among other props, will be part of the game. So, if you play in South America, the fans will use all the decorations possible, if you play in Europe, discrete banners will be used. In addition, authentic reactions of the crowd will be used to create the authentic and contagious atmosphere of the game.


According to the producers, the decorations will not be linked to the stadiums, but to the teams and leagues. That way, if you play with River Plate in a generic stadium, all flags, banners and confetti will be used to make the game more real.

Monumental de Núñez

Real Player Motion

This feature is always controversial and in all versions of the game we have this promise. However, according to the producers, a new animation system has been created and allows the level of customization of each player to be created in an authentic way. However, this feature will only be used on world's leading players.

Thus, each player will have their personality well represented in the game. Cristiano Ronaldo's sprints, Sterling's turns and Griezmann's technique will be easily recognized within the field.

Ronaldo Motion

In addition, the new dribbling system will allow players to innovate in 1v1 situations and use their skills to pass through opponents.

Game Styles

Another quite controversial feature, which does not always deliver what it promises. However, in the next edition the game styles will be better represented within the field. Thus, players will be able to choose between several tactics to use and defeat their opponents. Tiki-taka or high pressure? You choose!

Ronaldo Griezmann Gamestyles

In addition, the new positioning system allows the tactics used to be better exploited, resulting in better player positioning for pass or finish options.

The Journey

This year Alex Hunter returns with a difficult decision to take: Which team should he play in? The story starts with a bad Chelsea game and the fans criticizing Hunter because he has received proposals from other teams and this is affecting his performance.

As you can see in the video, The Journey will pass outside the Premier League. Thus, Hunter must choose between some teams in Europe to play next season. In addition, new coaches have been scanned and inserted into the game, which can be used for The Journey.

Other Features

Other features were announced by people who could test FIFA 18 at EA Play. These information were taken from Arte Virtual.

Kit Selection Screen

FIFA 18 Kit Selection Screen

Apparently little has changed. But this is not the final version of the game, so we can expect some changes.

FIFA 18 Demo Start Screen

FIFA 18 Demo Screen

The demo home screen shows the two game modes available for testing: Kick-Off and The Journey. The colors of the menus should vary in shades of blue, purple and green.

Spanish League Scoreboard

La Liga Scoreboard

You can see in the top corner of the screen the league scoreboard. It seems that we will have La Liga Santander fully licensed in FIFA 18, as well as the Premier League and the Bundesliga. However, Barcelona has an exclusive contract with Konami, producer of PES. Thus, Camp Nou will not be available in FIFA 18.