Happy Birthday Generic Players! And we'll get rid of you today!

Generic Players in FIFA 17


Did you know that today ALL generic players of FIFA 17 are celebrating today, Feb 28? We are not talking about players who only have the generic face, but also the names, as is the case of the Brazil league players.

Brazilian players, who play in Brasileirão, do not have their real information in the game since EA Sports does not have the proper license. Until the FIFA 14 the Brazilian players were affiliated to FIFPro, entity that represents the professional players. Similarly, the Brazilian Championship does not hold all the image rights of clubs and players, such as the Premier League or the Bundesliga. Thus, the players' global license, negotiated with FIFPro or the leagues, does not include Brazilian players. Konami goes through the same situation, but got the official license to represent the Brazilian Championship with CBF.

The attempt to negotiate with players has been taking place since 2014, but the task of negotiating individually is not easy. Some clubs have agreed to negotiate the image rights of their athletes, but it seems that it has not yet been possible to enter into an agreement with all clubs. Thus, EA chose not to include any Brazilian player in FIFA 17, since it already faces several cases.

There is no statement from EA Sports about the negotiation with Brazilian teams and players for FIFA 18, but it is difficult to expect that the situation will be reversed so quickly.

However, it is possible to update the squads so that players have at least the basic information, such as name and age, in FIFA 17. The update is not official, but it ensures that you have a little more realism and also unlock some "secret" players such as Xavi and Hulk.

Updating FIFA 17

Updating generic players is possible thanks to the efforts of Moddingway.com staff who have been able to modify the FIFA 17 squads file since it is not possible to mod FIFA 17 database and graphics. This way, it's also not possible insert new teams, such as Corinthians and Flamengo.

To install you must:

  • Download the squads file
  • Uncompress and copy the file to "Documents / FIFA 17 / Settings"
  • Open FIFA 17 (it is strongly recommended that the game be started in offline mode)
  • With FIFA 17 open, go to "Customize > Profile > Load Squads" and select the file "ModdingWay.com"

To start the career with updated squads, select "Current Customized Squads". If you select to download updated squads your file will be overwritten.

Following these steps you will be able to start a new career mode, tournament or a quick game. See you!