Força Chape: You are not alone!

It took me a while to write this, bad news aren't easy to digest. As you should know, Chapecoense was victim of a plane crash this week while travelling to play the first final match of Copa Sudamericana. As you should also know, I'm Brazilian and I'm from Santa Catarina where Chapecó, Chapecoense home city, is located.

Chapecoense is a new team, compared to big teams, and was founded in 1973. With exemplar management and persistence, the team made got to first division (from fourth) in only 5 years. This achievement made all the media, specially YouTube folks, to support Chapecoense, leveraging its success and coining the name ChapeTerror: "Chape", from the name and, "Terror", with equal conotation in English, since Chapecoense beat great teams, thrashing they. Including this year champion, and my team, Palmeiras, beated last year by 5 - 1. To better understanding, Chapecoense is like Leicester. The achieved prestige is the same, except Chapecoense didn't win the championship.

Chapecoense FIFA 17

Today I was honored by EA Sports when I opened my FUT 17 Companion App. I got Chape kits and crest. I don't know if only Brazilian or all FUT players got this, but I like it, specially because there's no Brazilian teams in FUT this year.

I would like to thank everyone, specially my friends of ModdingWay, by your support. It means a lot!