My first try modding FIFA 17 Overlays

Yes! I edited the first FIFA 17 Overlay


As I posted here this week, FIFA 17 Might not be the best FIFA ever made. The main reason is FIFA 17 uses Frostbite, so the filesystem is different from previous versions. Also, there are rumors that FIFA 17 is modding-proof. Thus, I started to explore FIFA 17 demo memory, since the files aren't fully extracted.

While modders are trying to extract the files, I'm looking up into memory to the overlays files, and guess what: I found them! They have the same structure as previous FIFA editions. So I decided to try tweaking some values and see what happened.

I opened up the game and the hex editor. Set up it to looking into FIFA 17 memory and started to play. Then I found the overlay_9002 and change the font used in time display. So, I change the font "EACondMedium" to "EABold".

Changing the font of the overlay

First thing I noticed, the font wasn't applied to all the characters, as in older versions. The characters only start to use the font after they are updated with new time. You can see in picture below that the "0" in front of the "9" still used the old font. But it's ok, since I tweaked the memory and not the file.

Font changed and then the deafult is loaded

You can see, after I scored a goal, the old font was loaded again. I presume FIFA 17 loaded the file again, and not read from memory. The scoreboard file and popups file are loaded every time: after you pause, after a goal, after you hit Alt-TAB, etc. So it makes sense.

Thereafter I tried to move some elements. The first address always corresponds the whole scoreboard, so I tweak the X value to move the scoreboard to the right. But this didn't work. So I started to tweak every address I found and still nothing changed. I don't have a answer to this, but the rumor about FIFA 17 being modding-proof comes to my mind. Hope I'm wrong.